Tuesday, June 22, 2010

4th Birthday and 4 Year Check Up

This year was the first year that Jackson REALLY anticipated his birthday. For several weeks before his birthday we heard "is it my birthday yet?"

The weekend that we went to my grandparent's house in L.A. to celebrate his birthday he said, "but it's not my birthday yet." When we sang him happy birthday he said, "but I'm not really four yet." He can be very legalistic at times ... although that didn't stop him from opening presents and enjoying the birthday treats.

We had such a great time with family in L.A.

I think Jackson's highlight was playing treasure hunt with Auntie Sarah.

On his actual birthday Jackson really soaked up the special attention. "I get the special plate because today's my birthday." "I get to eat first because today is my birthday." "I don't have to clear the table tonight because today is my birthday." It was the first time he could really recognize and appreciate being treated extra special and it was really fun for him AND me.

I'll need to remember that kids feel special even with the littlest things ... sometimes ESPECIALLY with the littlest things (i.e. birthday signs and balloons around the house, phone calls from family members who were calling just to talk to him, special birthday only privileges, etc.)

He got a birthday cookie this year since he's having three different celebrations (one with family, one on his actual birthday, and then a joint party in July with his best friend who is 2 weeks younger than him) and I didn't want to get stuck with a bunch of leftover cake. He got to eat the blueberries off of the cookie for breakfast, but waited to have the actual cookie until his birthday supper.

Jackson's big presents this year were two Hotwheels track sets! One from Grandma and Papa and one from Mom and Dad. I'm not sure if I was more excited or if he was. Jackson LOVES playing with cars, but his cars are pretty conversational and I get a little exhausted trying to keep up with his imagination and energy while playing "cars." I was looking forward to actually zooming some cars around the tracks. He's still getting the hang of setting it all up, but this is DEFINITELY a toy that he'll be playing with for quite a while ... and I have to admit that I was tempted to play with it while he was taking a nap the other day. :)

Last Wednesday we took Jackson for his 4 year check up. I thought it'd be quick since there were no shots or anything to be had, but still dropped Micah off with a friend for the morning so I could have some alone time with Jackson. It turns out that they did a lot more than I expected and boy did Jackson feel grown up. Here's what they did:

An eye exam with a chart of shapes - his left eye is a little weaker than his right and we'll have to watch for that as he gets older due to the ptosis in that eye.

A hearing test where he had to wear earphones and listen for different pitches and volumes - he passed with flying colors.

A urine sample - I don't have those results back yet, but he thought it was so cool that he got to pee in a cup. The nurse reminded him that we only do that at the doctor's office as he was gloating about it on the way out.

Dr. Macias was very impressed with his cognitive skills and reassured me that he was ready for school (although we'll be waiting for at least a year or so). After his appointment we went out to lunch with just Jackson, Colin and me to make it a special day.

My little man is getting so big and I'll need to make sure that as he gets older and life gets busy for him and me that we take little moments like days with doctor's appointments to slow down and enjoy special time with just the two of us.