Friday, August 16, 2013

Change the Face of Cold and Flu Season

If you've read any of my previous posts you'd; note two things. 1. I have not written a blog post in a very long time. 2. My previous posts had A LOT to do with the health of my children.

 Part of the reason I have not posted in so long is because we are past the season of life where routines are changing every day and week and my notes to self have become needed less often. The other part is that my family has discovered a way to boost our immune systems and our sicknesses have not been nearly as dramatic as they have been in the past ("Hallelujah Chorus" in the background).

This is my youngest daughter, posing for a poster I made the other day. She's not really sick, but isn't she adorable?

 Here's a little bit of the story of how we changed Cold and Flu Season and our overall health in our home for good.

 In the summer of 2011 my family moved to Colorado.

 That fall my oldest boy (who was 5 at the time) started to get severe migraine headaches that would wake him out of his sleep and he'd immediately begin vomiting. We got a CAT scan to rule out things like tumors. Thank the Lord that he did NOT have any tumors or the like. However, he did see a neurologist and was diagnosed with migraines. Luckily the doctor did not prescribe medications, but recommended supplements we could buy at the store.

 Enter my good friend from college who told us about a high quality nutritional supplement that is like none other on the market.

I listened politely.

Then, I ignored her.

Then on December 21st my middle child got sick despite our best efforts to have a healthy diet, good hygiene and supplementing with store bought vitamins and probiotics. We were in the airport on the way to family for the holidays administering albeuterol treatments and giving him steroids. Then we got to family and everyone got sick ... as usual. Except this time my kids remained sick (even after traveling back home) for AN ENTIRE MONTH!!!

 I was exhausted!

 I was emotional!!

 My kids were a wreck and I felt so bad for them and so helpless.

I was beginning to doubt whether or not it was worth it to go and see family over the holiday season and desperately wished our Christmas was in the summer.

Not seeing family was not an option ... especially for my husband, but he knew I was exhausted too.

I called my friend back and asked her if this would help my kids' immune systems. She said, "Absolutely!"

We started on the supplement in February of 2012 as a family and we committed to trying it for three months because the human body has a cell turnover rate of every 90 days.

Within the FIRST WEEK I was sleeping better, my mood had improved, my muscle aches (which had been progressively getting worse over the last several months) were a none issue which meant my headaches were gone and I had a lot more energy throughout the day even if I had to get up with my kids in the night.

Within the FIRST MONTH my kids' digestive systems were better.  80% of the immune system is in the digestive system, so their immune systems were greatly improved.  When they got sick the symptoms were so much more mild and the viruses were short lived!!!!! YAY!!!  My chronic constipation (which I had dealt with from infancy) was no longer an issue.  My husband's back is stronger and he'd regularly throw out his back and be down for a week without being able to exercise or function normally.

My oldest started kindergarten after he'd been using these nutritional supplements for 6 months.  He'd never gone to daycare or preschool.  But (despite what nightmares I'd heard from other parents in a similar boat with their first in school catching every virus under the sun), he missed only 3 days due to sickness.  And none of those viruses lasted more than a couple of days.  Not to mention that he has not had ANY migraines since starting this nutritional supplement.

More recently my husband unexpectedly herniated a disk in his back, but was able to avoid surgery and healed in half the time the doctors predicted.

A bonus result that I never anticipated is that my life long skin allergy to nickel is gone.  Earrings I could not wear for more than a few hours without them itching and hurting I can actually wear over night. My husbands pretty happy about that.

I've also been able to help other people,like my mom, but that's a whole other blog.  Yeah, I know ...

This is only the tip of the ice burg as to what this nutritional supplement has helped people with. There are SO MANY people's stories I'd love for you to hear. They are INCREDIBLE!!  Allergies, asthma, back injuries, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, migraines, kidney failure, acid reflux, chronic sinus infections, tendinitis, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, etc.  This company does not claim to be a cure or to diagnose.  The real miracle is the human body and this is just its high quality fuel.  What I'm mentioning here are purely people's personal indisputable health results.

I'm more confident than ever that EVERYONE can benefit from taking these safe and all natural supplements. I'm not using the name of the product or company here because this blog is not connected directly to the company and I have not sought for approval to write this blog.  I'm sharing this information with you ... my story ... purely out of genuine excitement and passion.  If you are interested you can contact me through my business website  (Corinne Fanning Doughan) so that we can set up a time to teach you more.

 Let's change the face of Cold and Flu Season and the health of the world one person at a time together!  How about starting with you?

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